Trip back in time to Ruthin Gaol

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As part of our History topic on crime and punishment, we recently visited Ruthin Gaol.  Both pupils and staff  (including Mrs Dixon, our History teacher) were intrigued by a glimpse into the Victorian prison system, Ruthin Gaol being the only Victorian prison open to the public. There has been a gaol of some sorts on the site since the 15th century.  After the Prison Act of 1865, the gaol was extended  and a new four-storey wing was built, in a similar style to the prisons such as Pentonville prison in north London, which we see on tv programmes. Victorian reformers claimed that rehabilitation was a top priority but this certainly didn’t mean that things were easy at Ruthin Gaol. In addition to being kept in solitary confinement and watched continually, inmates were forbidden to speak to one another. When out in the exercise yard, they were made to cover their heads with cloth masks to prevent communication. Solitary confinement (waxwork model) Lewis & Connor try on the ‘no talking’ masks Zac didn’t mind some solitary time reading When we entered the main part of the 3 storey prison building we could see all the upper floors with the cell doors still intact and it gave us an insight to what it was like to be imprisoned there. Each cell we visited was set up to reflect a different use: female prisoner, bath house and condemned cell, with waxwork figures portraying the prisoners who were confined to the cells. One cell was set up with a machine which seemed to have no purpose  whatsoever; a large box with a handle standing on a pedestal.  Apparently, prisoners could be forced to stand and turn the handle all day long and inmates might be forced to do a certain number of cranks before earning a meal. The crank only went one direction, and could be made more difficult if the wardens adjusted the setting on a friction wheel. This was done by turning a screw, and is the origin of the slang for a gaoler being called a ‘screw’.   This is Miss Jones, dressed as one of the prison warders (and not a waxwork model!)  She engaged us with her stories about how prison life was like back in the day. She told us some sad stories about inmates who were children,  imprisoned for  stealing food!  Men, women and children could be serving time for anything from pickpocketing, house breaking, fraud, theft of poultry or murder.It was hard labour in victorian times  with only watery, tasteless soup and bread to eat (otherwise known as gruel),  punishments and no home comforts.  This really came across during our visit.     Mrs Dixon said it was a ‘brilliant’ history trip!  She said the boys were intrigued by their visit and their conduct was exemplary.      ...

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Case Study: The school that abolished punishment

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Thank you to Emma Lee-Potter, SecEd reporter, for highlighting our work at Kilarth School. Please click the on the link below to read the full article, which confirms our determination to keep on improving:  Case Study: The school that abolished punishment      ...

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Progress Review Day Thursday 4th May 2017 – Notice to Parents

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Following the success of our Progress Review Day in January, we are pleased to announce a second review day to be held on Thursday 4th May.  This will be an opportunity for parents/carers to discuss their child’s progress with their subject teachers. School will be closed to pupils for the day to allow for extended discussions, although pupils will attend their timeslot with their parent/carer.

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Consultation Document – Proposal for Federation

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Please click on the link to access the formal consultation document relating to the proposal being considered for Kilgarth and Gilbrook Schools to share a Principal and Governing Board from September 2017. We are seeking thoughts and views on the proposed Federation from our stakeholders; this includes the parents and carers of children registered at Kilgarth and Gilbrook School. A response form is included at the end of the link attachment. If you have any comments please respond by the deadline, which is midday on May 5 th. Federation Consultation Document for Kilgarth School and Gilbrook School        ...

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Promotion for Otis

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For those who haven’t already met Otis, we would like to introduce you to him as our friendly school therapy dog, (pictured here with Owen). Otis ‘lives’ in school during the day and goes home every evening with Mr Simpson, our headteacher, to spend time in a family environment. Otis is now 18 months old and we are extremely proud of him. He is such a positive presence and provides support for students and staff during times of emotional pressure. He is also extremely popular with our visitors! Otis has now reached the stage where we would like to share him (as our ‘prized asset’) with the people in our local community. There are numerous research articles which highlight the benefits of pet therapy for people, young and old: Calming Effect Improved Mood Combating feelings of loneliness and isolation Emotional support during periods of stress and anxiety Decreased Behavioural Problems in children We are keen to forge links with the elderly in our community through visits with Otis to local day or residential centres. Otis would be brought along for an hour or so at a mutually agreed time, accompanied by a member of staff and one or two of our students; in this way, social outcomes for our students would also be improved as they experience a sense of purpose by helping others. If you work with elderly people who you think might enjoy meeting Otis, please contact our school office in the first instance on 0151 652 8071....

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Feeding Birkenhead Campaign – February Half Term

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Feeding Birkenhead is the campaign initiated by Frank Field MP to ensure that children can access food and fun in the school holidays.  Please click on link below to find out what’s available: Half term Holiday Club February 2017

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