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School Dinners

Our School Catering service is provided by Edsential whose aim is to  provide top quality meals at lunchtime, with healthy and affordable food choices that will help young people to perform well in school.

The charge for a free school meal per day is £2.85 for the academic year 2023/2024; payment for the week is required in advance on Mondays.  Meals can be ordered on the day subject to payment in the morning.

Dinner menus for academic year September 2023/2024 – click here :Kilgarth dinner menus

 Eligibility for Free School Meals

Free school meals are available for children if their parent or carer receives certain benefits. Apply immediately via school if you think you will qualify. It is important to apply as this registers your child for additional funding and if you don’t apply, your child’s school will miss out on funding which could go towards equipment, resources, trips or uniform discounts.

If your child prefers to take a packed lunch or make other arrangements, you will still need to register for free school meals for your school to receive the pupil premium funding.

Allergens and food intolerances

Food-Allergen-Management-Policy Nov 2022