Subject leader: Mr McConnachie

The Department views art as both an intellectual and creative subject; it is one of the means by which we interpret, express and understand our place in the world and as such is viewed as an important aspect of education in Kilgarth.

The Years 7 to 9 are the building blocks for further study at GCSE, which students will go on to study.

An exciting and varied curriculum is offered to students that enhance their knowledge of artists from all areas including contemporary and modern, from 2D graphic design to 3D sculpture.Artists such as, Jasper Johns, Picasso, David Carson and Frank Stella as well as contemporary artists, such as Chris Ofili, Banksy, Gillian Whitread and Andy Goldsworthy are all explored and analysed in order to provide inspiration for their growing understanding of what it means to be an artist. Students are also offered the chance to explore what it means to be a curator and what is involved in creating artworks for submissions to galleries and how works are hanged. All students from every year group visit the galleries around our area including the Tate in Liverpool, FACT, Walker and the Bluecoat galleries

The aims of our Art Department are to provide an exciting scheme of work that challenges and engages pupils in their learning

To teach a range of techniques that allows students to gain confidence in the use of a variety of media.

  • To create an atmosphere where students feel secure in their learning. To cater for all abilities.
  • To encourage students to take pride in their work and to always strive to achieve their best.
  • To deepen student’s understanding and appreciation of a variety of artists and designers.
  • To encourage students to question their knowledge of the visual world.
  • To display student’s work in a professional manner that inspires other students to achieve.

At Key Stage 3 every student will be taught a themed curriculum which has been designed to promote cross curricular learning throughout the school. They will produce a range of final pieces in two and three-dimensions, using a wide range of media including I pads, MacBook Pros, Audio software, video editing and animation software.  Students at Kilgarth are offered the technology to facilitate their learning as 21st century learners. Experimentation and not being afraid to make mistakes is very important for all learners so every student is encouraged to explore their strengths whilst challenging what they perceive as their weaknesses. This is achieved through continued reinforcement and a can do attitude to learning.

At KS 4 GCSE each student will be expected to explore a wider range of techniques and engage more deeply with the critical and contextual side of an artist’s work. Students in KS4 will be exploring Fine Art projects which will incorporate self-directed learning. Students will be provided with a brief to work from and it will be up to the student in what direction they will take their work.

“Colour is the key. The eye is the hammer. The soul is the piano with its many chords. The artist is the hand that, by touching this or that key, sets the soul vibrating automatically.” -Wassily Kandinsky


Careers in Art:  Artist, designer, teacher, graphic designer, illustrator, animator, fashion designer, product designer, sculptor