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Creating the Vision

Every school needs to plan carefully for the future so that it best meets the needs of all pupils.

During planning, Kilgarth held Stakeholder Days to recruit as much expertise from as many different organisations as possible.  One of the outcomes was our Mission Statement which we believe reflects our true spirit:

always growing, always learning


Kilgarth School is a transformational learning community where people bring out the very best in each other. Flourishing in a carefully created environment that is caring, supportive yet challenging; we respond remarkably to expectations that are high.

We learn to embrace the challenges that life brings, relishing the opportunities they provide and being prepared to risk failure as we rise to meet them. We endeavour to become independent learners with the confidence to explore our limitless potential and play our part in making life more worthwhile for those who cross our path.

Kilgarth School is an inclusive, nurturing community where people learn to recognise and develop their best selves. With ever increasing confidence we feel safe to consider our emotional resilience and become aware of our true worth. We realise that our behaviours impact upon others and ourselves and use this knowledge to make the best choices we can.

We are able to accept our strengths and imperfections and those of others. We are proud of our culture and of who we are and celebrate the difference in people that make the world such a wonderful place.

 Kilgarth School operates to these core values:

 Relationships come first. We strive to build productive relationships with all stakeholders during every interaction.

 Everybody matters, all the time. We are an inclusive community where the needs and well-being of all people are paramount.

 We act with integrity. People and decisions are guided by the best interests of our learners, our community and our society.

 We learn from each other. Everybody’s voice and contribution has value.

 We work hard because the future lives of our learners depend upon what we achieve.