Ethos and Teaching

At Kilgarth we believe that the study of science should widen our pupils’ understanding about every aspect of the world we live in and how science impacts on their everyday lives.  We aim to deliver a science curriculum that is stimulating and challenging; taught using a variety of task that are often practically based and always take account of the pupils’ individual needs.  We have a strong focus on developing the vital skills to enable collaborative and independent learning to take place. All this enables pupils to achieve their individual potential appropriate to their age, ability and emotional development.

Assessment and Qualifications

Pupils at Key Stage 3 follow the National Curriculum Programme of Study and their progress is assessed continually as they complete the topics. Further details of the programs of study can be found on the curriculum plan web page.

Key Stage 4

At Key Stage 4 we currently study the Edexcel BTE Certificate in the Principles of Applied Science which has an equivalence of one GCE at grades A to C.  Attainment is assessed in two ways:

Unit 1 - Principles of ScienceUnit 2 - Chemistry and our EarthUnit 3 - Energy and our UniverseUnit 4 - Biology and our Environment
External examinationFour internally assessed assignment briefsThree internally assessed assignment briefsThree internally assessed assignment briefs


All assignment briefs are completed in the classroom.  Pupils will have appropriate guidance (in line with BTEC assessment guidelines) and will have the opportunity to improve their work to gain a higher grade if they wish to do so. The following grades are available:

Qualification GradeGCSE (9-1) Equivalence
PASSequivalence to GCSE grade 4
MERITequivalence to GCSE grade 5.5
DISTINCTIONequivalence to GCSE grade 7