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WEB Merseyside – Family Toolbox

WEB Merseyside, is a charity based in the North End of Birkenhead –  also part of the Family Toolbox.

Please find below details of  courses and services they run that might be suitable for students and also parents.

  • Youth Groups – We run a Young Boys’ group on a Monday evening from 4.30 – 6.30pm for boys aged 9-15.  We also run a Young Women’s Group for girls aged 9-12 on Wednesdays from 4pm – 6pm and a 13-18 year old group from 7pm – 9pm.  On a Tuesday evening from 5pm – 7pm we run a group called “True Colours” for young people who are either non-binary or who identify as a gender other than their birth gender.
  • The “People Tree” project is for young people aged 14-16 who perhaps aren’t attending school – it is designed to use therapeutic techniques to promote self-esteem and confidence and improve self-belief and challenge negative thinking.
  • Who’s in Charge – this is for parents/carers who have children aged 8-18 who are either verbally and/or physically aggressive towards them, to give them tools and techniques to help manage their child’s difficult behaviour and connect with other parents who are experiencing similar things.
  • Diversity + Sunshine Session – This is for female parents/carers of children with additional needs, a nice, fun session to again, connect with other parents, do some arts and crafts and learn new skills and develop their confidence.
  • The Reading Womb – this is for mums-to-be who are 12+ weeks pregnant who are struggling with their mental health, chance for them to come to a relaxed environment and read to their baby and connect with other mums-to-be.
  • We also run various other services for adults and young people as outlined in the attached leaflets.

For more information about all of our services and to make a referral for a young person or their family, you can visit or call 0151 653 3771.