Liverpool John Moores University


Paul McConnachie, our Art & ICT Co-ordinator, is studying for a Ph.D. at the Liverpool School of Art and Design. This process was first conceived from his recent Artist Teacher Scheme M.A. at Liverpool John Moores University.

“The M.A. Art in Education gave me the opportunity to critically examine practice not just in school but at a personal level as well. Its completion has meant that contemporary thinking around Art has fed directly into my own teaching practice and has enhanced students’ learning. The newfound knowledge gained from the M.A. gave me the desire to take things further and apply for a Ph.D.

“What I am researching now is Multimedia and how it is used to promote interaction. This is a practice-led Ph.D., meaning that not only will I be carrying out research, I will also be putting together exhibitions to promote my research findings. The skills I am learning during my studies will be imparted back to the pupils and this will ultimately engage them more with their topics and assist in raising attainment at Kilgarth. It will also help to broaden the outlook of pupils in their understanding of contemporary art practice.

“Thinking and contextualising my work as an artist has inspired me to extend this into the classroom and challenge my pupils to do the same. This is the beginning of a 6-year long process which sounds like a long time; however the way we operate at Kilgarth the years will no doubt ‘fly by’.”