Careers Programme Information

Kilgarth School aims to ensure its pupils have the skills to make a successful transition to adult and working life, and to be able to contribute to the economic and social well-being of their families and communities, despite difficulties they may experience.

We aim to help our pupils develop the skills to:

  • to understand themselves and the influences on them
  • to investigate opportunities in learning and work
  • to make and adjust plans to manage change and transition
  • be citizens who successfully play a full part in society
  • be lifelong learners
  • be economically aware and active
  • understand enterprise in its widest sense

We aim to support our pupils to:

  • follow courses and programmes that are appropriate to their ability and their longer term aspirations and needs
  • have an understanding of the world of work and its demands
  • be well prepared for the transition from education and training for work
  • have clear ideas on individual, personalised goals for their future

Please see link to our Careers Information Policy

Kilgarth School Careers Policy