ICT at Kilgarth

Subject leader: Mr McConnachie

ICT is now an everyday part of any student’s developing world. Society today uses masses of information in many forms including text, graphics, animated visual images and sounds. The increasing use of technology to put this information across to different audiences has changed the face of communication. 
In recognition of this ICT has become a core Subject at Kilgarth School. Information Communication Technology (ICT) is used throughout the curriculum by all subjects and in many different contexts.  In addition to this, all students receive discrete ICT lessons during Key Stage 3



Year 7

File management
Presentation Skills
Desktop Publishing
Spreadsheet design
Data Handling

Year 8

Sequencing Instructions
Internet research
Information, reliability, validity and Bias
Email features and functions
Music design and production

Year 9

Computer Programming
Graphic Design Modelling
Technology in the Future
3D design and Google Sketchup
Impact of ICT on society
OCR project


Key Stage 4

Students take part in a variety of activities and opportunities to acquire competence and skills in Information Communication Technology.  This allows them to use ICT independently to demonstrate their ability to gather, store, process and present information using information systems.  Students are required to follow the Cambridge Nationals in ICT in order to achieve a GCSE equivalent grade.  Assessment will be based on the following components:


Cambridge Nationals

The OCR Cambridge Nationals are vocationally related qualifications that take an engaging, practical and inspiring approach to learning and assessment. ICT skills are essential for success in employment and higher education, and are among the fundamental transferable skills required by employers. Cambridge Nationals deliver these skills across the whole range of learning styles and abilities, effectively engaging and inspiring all students to achieve great things.



Exam Board

The exam board is OCR and you are studying Cambridge Nationals in ICT at Level 2 (certificate). Their website can be found at http://www.cambridgenationals.org.uk/. The website has lots of useful information and exemplar materials including mark schemes.


Delivery Timetable


Autumn Spring Summer 
Creating Digital Images

Handling Data using



Using ICT to CreateBusiness Solutions

Understanding Computer Systems


 UnderstandingComputer Systems




Outline of Modules


Unit R001: Understanding Computer Systems(mandatory) 1 hr written exam (externally assessed 1 hr written exam (externally assessed)
Unit R002: Using ICT to Create Business Solutions(mandatory) Coursework (internally assessed)


Coursework (internally assessed)
Unit R006: Creating Digital Images (optional)Coursework (internally assessed)



Coursework (internally assessed)
Unit R007: Creating Dynamic Products using Sound and Vision(optional) Coursework (internally assessed)


Coursework (internally assessed)



Pass (P)            with equivalence to GCSE grade C

Merit (M)            with equivalence to GCSE grade B

Distinction (D)    with equivalence to GCSE grade A