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The Big Ask Survey

The Big Ask’ consultation is a chance for pupils of all ages to have their say and is part of the  ‘The Childhood Commission’, to identify any barriers preventing children reaching their full potential and propose solutions to address them.


The Big Ask is aiming to be the largest ever consultation held with children. In the survey the Children’s Commissioner of England, Rachel de Souza, is asking children and young people what they think is important for their future and what is holding young people back. The Children’s Commissioner will use what children and young people tell her to show the Government what they think and what they need to live happier lives.


It’s an opportunity for the children and young people in Wirral to get their voices heard. We know the past year has been full of disruption for them all and having support in place to help them overcome potential barriers is vital.


 James Backhouse,  Assistant Director of Education, Wirral

We would like to encourage pupils and parents to take part to have their say, using the following link:

The Big Ask