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Ultimate Team Challenge

“Last Friday 4th December,  pupils took part in a whole school enrichment day.  This provided a much-needed boost to morale in what has been a very testing year for everyone. The aim of the day was to provide an element of fun and competition into the school as the pupils have been working hard in lessons in these trying times. The day saw eight bases split into 3 categories:

  • Skill and dexterity
  • Problem solving and lateral thinking
  • Creative thinking

“The skills bases included crossbow shooting, kurling, time precision stop, coloured ball swap challenge and crazy golf, which tested the pupil’s concentration, coordination and accuracy. It also encouraged them to support each other and increase their scores.

“The problem-solving bases included a blindfolded minefield, a pipeline challenge, a cube reconstruction and a ping-pong tower construction. All these challenges encouraged solving a problem from the onset, then working as a team to overcome this problem.


“The creative base required the pupils to construct a bridge capable of holding different weighted books. This allowed creative thinking on the designing of the bridge and which design would hold the greatest weight. It also required a good leader and great teamwork.

“The day was a great success and pupils tried their hardest, encouraging each other to achieve their best individually whilst developing teamwork and social interaction skills.  Most importantly there were a lot of happy smiling faces on both pupils and staff!

The winners will be announced at the end of term prize giving. Thank you to everyone who helped organised the day and all who took part.”

Ian Keeling, Maths Teacher