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At the end of the Summer term, pupils and (most) staff left school to enjoy a well-earned break, passing an empty yard on the way out. It therefore seemed like a magical illusion when we arrived back after the holidays to find this bright and gleaming structure covering a huge area of the old school yard.

Thanks to careful planning from senior leaders and governors and of course the workmen from AMV Playgrounds, we now have a Multi-Use Games Area.

It’s called the MUGA for short or ‘The Cage’ but whatever it’s known as, our pupils’ verdict is ‘awesome’.

Frames are safe and vandal resistant in weather-proof steel, finished off with a powder-coated finish in bright appealing colours. It contains goal units, basketball backboards and hoops and there are markings for football, rugby, basketball, cricket and tennis. Pupils can also play badminton and volleyball in there.

As a result of our new games area, Mr Pritchard, PSHE teacher, has reported an increased participation in lessons as well as progress at a faster rate. Mr Pritchard also supervises many sports afterschool activities for the boys and is therefore ‘delighted’ with our most recent asset.