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Summer term news update

Summer term 1 saw the start of the exams for our Year 11s and the exams are ongoing for a few more weeks with GCSE English today.  Good luck, boys!

There are only 7 more weeks to go until the end of this academic year but we’ve got our induction day to look forward to on 10th July as well as the countdown to the end of year House Points Challenge.  Phoenix, Evolve and Vortex are neck and neck this year – its the first time it has ever been this close!


Otis is still on roll as our therapy dog and continues to be ever popular with pupils, staff and visitors.     Many of the boys choose to spend time with him during Socials and take good care of him alongside staff.





During Summer term 1, Year 8s enjoyed their visit to Dangerpoint in Flintshire where they learnt about safety in a fun & interactive way. Our mascot, Stevie, is pictured in the workshop at Dangerpoint where we identified the multiple hazards to be found in an ordinary garage or outbuilding. We are fortunate to have been donated a mini bus by the Steve Morgan Foundation and if you follow us on twitter, you will already have seen pictures of Stevie who stands in for pupils who are camera shy.





On the last day before half term, Mr Pritchard led an awards trip to Aber Falls.  The weather was really good and we were able to enjoy lunch by the river overlooking the falls.


Key stage 4 pupils have been engaging well with Mr Ranson in Music and are pictured here having a samba jamming session.