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Reading for Pleasure

maize runnerWe are delighted to have some keen readers at Kilgarth and our pupils are now given the choice as to whether they want to read in the traditional format of a book or on an electronic reader.

Last Friday, as part of our drive to encourage their love of reading, I accompanied a group of Y9 pupils on a trip to a large book store in our cultural hub, Liverpool. They were given the opportunity to research and review books they would like to read before purchasing a book for the school. Some great choices were made in fiction and non-fiction. The Maze Runner is currently very popular in the fiction category and this was one of the purchases on Friday, along with The Butterfly Lion from the ever popular, award winning writer Michael Morpurgo.

The Guinness World Records remains as popular in non-fiction as it was many years ago, annually revealing some astounding new record holders.

The pupils I accompanied were a credit to the school and I am confident that their choice of books will be well received by their classmates.

Mr Blakemore, English Teacher