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Pringles House Points Challenge

Students continue to be motivated by our rules without sanctions policy, with the rewards system encouraging them to aim for the coveted end of year prize for their house team  (an allocated budget has been set aside for their chosen trip!)

House points were recently boosted by the Pringles Postal Challenge, with winners from each year group being allocated an additional, lucrative 50 points.

IMG_0768Ms Sissons, Product Design teacher, set the objective to  create a package design that would allow a Pringles crisp to safely survive a trip through the post and back to school.  Students were only allowed to use specified materials including 1 brown envelope, 1 pringle crisp, 3 index cards, 2 A4 sheets of paper, 4 lollipop sticks, 2 straws and 40 cm of masking tape.

Some great efforts were made to design the most suitable packaging for the crisp that would eliminate movement and crushing during its transit in mail.

IMG_0780 (2)Mr Ranson’s crisp arrived back whole but he had already been disqualified for eating the crisps during the design stage!  This meant that Callum in Y7 was the winner, his crisp arriving back in just 7 pieces.  It was apparent on opening the packages that those pupils whose crisps returned in a few pieces, rather than mere crumbs, were the ones who had thought carefully about their design and completed tests prior to dispatch.

OwensFragile stickers were attached to the envelopes prior to posting but since no rules had been set with regard to fragile handling instructions, Owen took the initiative with his polite and clear message to the postal workers.

Well done to all who took part. Students whose crisp arrived back in crumbs were not dispirited and it was a fun and challenging activity which linked in well with the Product Design topic this term.

House points were still being counted at the end of term and the leader board will be published when school reopens on Monday 22nd February.