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Otis – My Story so Far

This is me on my first day at school. I didn’t like the car journey to and from school but I liked it at Kilgarth from day one. Everyone said I was adorable!

I got to meet lots of people but felt safe in my special office, which I still share with Mr Simpson and Ms Westlake.






I soon made friends at school and there were lots of boys to play with. 


I’m told I’m popular with visitors to the school and that I’ve got quite a lot of admirers; this picture of me on twitter got 16 likes and 4 retweets despite me just having a lie down.



I had to have an operation when I was 12 months old and took it easy for a few days.  Everyone at school treated me gently and I am now fighting fit again!



Not long before I could play again!


I enjoy my time at school and have ambitions to develop as a therapy dog, with Mr Simpson as my mentor.