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Oaklands – Mining 2019

Kilgarth’s Key Stage 4 pupils recently had the opportunity to participate in a day ‘mining’ in Snowdonia. This was a curriculum trip and satisfied certain assessment criteria for the Uniformed Services qualification, as well as providing an experience in Outdoor and Adventurous Activities, a key element of Physical Education. Equipment was provided by Oaklands Outdoor Pursuit centre and the pupils also benefitted from their expert instruction on the day.

After travelling to the remote Penmachno valley, the pupils kitted up and climbed a steep hillside to discover an old disused mine shaft. Then, once gaining access to the mine they hiked underground for two hours. Whilst underground, and in pitch black, they were faced with many obstacles including paddling across a lake, traversing a ‘via ferrata’ and dangling above deep water on a Tyrollean Traverse’. All boys involved gained from a wonderful experience and Kilgarth looks forward to working in collaboration with Oaklands in the future.

Mr Pritchard, PSHE Teacher