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“Last  Tuesday I accompanied Year 7 pupils to our City of Culture to allow them an opportunity to experience the splendor of the art and artefacts on display in Liverpool galleries.

“We started off in William Brown Street at the Walker Art Gallery, which houses a mixture of really old style art along with contemporary.  The boys were more impressed with the old style art because they thought it was more realistic, and they were amazed at the size (and gruesome nature!) of some of the paintings.

“We next moved on to the newly designed Central Library next door where we were overwhelmed by the number of books in the Picton Reading Room as well as the design of this part of the building, which is circular and certainly most impressive.

“The World Museum further along William Brown Street was our next port of call and we examined the various artefacts from different cultures and eras, including the Egyptian and Roman eras.  We clearly had to fit in a visit to the Bug House….. where Ms Campbell managed a brave face despite her fear of spiders and bugs!

“After completing our first stage of the trip in William Brown Street, we moved on to the Tate Gallery at the Albert Dock to examine some contemporary art.  It was a full day out and the boys were tired by the final leg of the journey, however it was an absolute pleasure to take them out today and their behaviour was brilliant.”

P McConnachie (Art Teacher)