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Hooked on Fishing

CPCDPLfWoAEzF_kIn partnership with Peter Henery from Positive Futures, we are currently giving pupils the opportunity to participate, learn and experience the fun and enjoyment of fishing.

Fishing is a popular pastime that many of us associate with calmness, relaxation and a sense of well-being outdoors. Although this is all true, research also acknowledges the positive benefits of fishing as a participation sport which, although not high intensity, does involve a lot of moving about as anglers cast their bait.

When Luke was asked if he enjoyed the relaxing aspect of fishing, he was rather astonished:  “I was busy non-stop casting the bait and reeling in my fish.”  He did catch 38 fish last week!

Ms Campbell accompanies the boys and reports back on the biggest fish caught.  We will be posting some more photos next week on twitter after today’s fishing session.gone fishing