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Covid-19 Updates

Update 04.01.23

Back-to-school advice issued to North West parents amid high levels of flu, COVID-19 and scarlet fever circulating
As pupils and students return to school following the Christmas break this week, the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) is reminding people that winter illnesses continue to circulate at high levels, but following simple steps can help protect children, minimise the spread of illness in education and childcare settings and protect wider communities.
Flu and coronavirus (COVID-19) are currently circulating at high levels and are likely to continue to increase in coming weeks. High numbers of scarlet fever, which is caused by group A streptococcus, also continue to be reported.

Prof Susan Hopkins, Chief medical Adviser at UKHSA, said: “It’s important to minimise the spread of infection in schools and other education and childcare settings as much as possible. If your child is unwell and has a fever, they should stay home from school or nursery until they feel better and the fever has resolved.

“Helping children to learn about the importance of good hand hygiene is also key, so practice regular handwashing at home with soap and warm water. Catching coughs and sneezes in tissues then binning them is another simple way to help stop illness from spreading.

“Adults should also try to stay home when unwell and if you do have to go out, wear a face covering. When unwell don’t visit healthcare settings unless urgent or visit vulnerable people.

“Remember that flu vaccination is still available for all eligible groups and is the best protection against the virus.  We have seen good uptake in older age groups but vaccination among young children remains low. Flu can be very unpleasant and, in some cases, can lead to more serious illness. Getting your child vaccinated protects them and those they come into contact with and it’s still not too late.”

Dr Merav Kliner, UKHSA North West Deputy Director, said: “As we see more cases of flu across the North West, we can all play a part in reducing infections spreading by following simple measures. It is important to remember that catching flu or other infections for more vulnerable people can be far more serious.

“Taking sensible measures to stop bugs spreading is something we all can and should do. These include practicing good hygiene, taking up vaccinations when offered and not mixing with vulnerable other people when you are poorly yourself.”

Children eligible for the vaccine include:

  • Children aged 2 and 3 on 31 August 2022
  • All primary school-aged children
  • Some secondary school-aged children

You can get more information getting your child vaccinated against flu here.

Update 05.04.22

Parent COVID update letter 5.4.22


Update 27.09.21

What parents and carers need to know about schools

Update 26.02.21

Following the Government’s latest announcement, plans have been made with regard to the testing programme we have put in place.  There is a small amount of processing of personal data which will be needed as part of the testing programme and we have produced a privacy notice in line with guidelines from the Department for Education:

Privacy Notice – Lateral Flow Testing

Updated 25.02.21

The DfE have updated our guidance for parents and carers to keep children safe online. The measures announced over recent weeks to tackle coronavirus (COVID-19), although essential, have disrupted people’s day-to-day lives.

As a result of these necessary measures, almost all of us are likely to be spending more time online, including children. This guidance contains resources for parents and carers to help keep their children safe online.

Update 02.02.21

We have received some additional resources to help support young people with social, emotional or mental  health difficulties – the following link contains some very good reminders and tips that are useful to us all just now as we try to support  young people the best we can:

SEMH Support during the Lockdown – Reminders and tips for Everyone (scroll down to view all)

Please also see our Parents & Carers\Pupil Wellbeing page for other support agencies, some of which may be better suited to older pupils:

Update 26.01.21

During the period of national lockdown, schools, alternative provision, special schools and colleges will remain open to the most vulnerable children and young people and the children of critical workers only. All other pupils will be expected to access daily remote education to continue their studies at home with the support of parents and carers.

We have designed our remote curriculum to mirror what we deliver in school wherever possible and appropriate. However, we have made some adaptations in some subjects but have ensured that our provision still encompasses all aspects of the normal school curriculum. This will support pupils to study all their normal subjects at home with help, support and assessment from their teachers.

Teachers will provide 4 lessons each day via the SeeSaw platform.  These lessons will focus on core skills (Mathematics and English) and 2 other foundation subjects. This should equate to approximately 4 hours of remote learning per day. Teaching staff will provide instruction and differentiation for pupils to access the learning for each lesson, this may be written or in the form of a video clip or interactive resource. Pupils can complete and submit remote learning at any time during the day, this does not necessarily have to be during school hours; this allows flexibility for parents / carers to offer support to their child/ward. However, teachers are only available for help and support during normal school hours. 

Seesaw, our online learning platform:  Seesaw Student Login.

Covid-19 Remote Learning Timetable:  Remote Learning Timetable version 2

Remote learning can be completed in the following ways:

  • Directly on the SeeSaw platform
  • Printed directly from the SeeSaw platform and completed on paper
  • Or on paper clearly indicating the subject and date it was set for your child
  • You can also request paper based learning through the school office


Remote learning expectations:,

    • Pupils are expected to access learning each day if they are fit and healthy, this includes if they do not have Covid-19 and are self-isolating at home
    • Parents / carers are expected to contact school in the usual way if their child / ward is unwell and not able to attend school or complete their remote learning
    • Parents / carers are expected to develop a routine that enable their child /ward to complete their school work
    • Parents / carers may also seek support directly from teachers through subject specific email accounts


Remote learning can be submitted to teachers in the following ways:,

  • ,Directly on the SeeSaw platform
  • Work can be scanned or photographed and submitted to staff via SeeSaw or subject specific email accounts


Remote learning will be assessed and feedback will be provided daily to pupils in the following ways:

  • Directly to pupils on the SeeSaw platform
  • Emailed work will be assessed and returned to pupils via the email address that it was received from
  • Subject specific feedback via phone can also be requested if required
  • Teachers will monitor the submission of pupils work and contact parents / carers to offer support and guidance if pupils are not submitting work for assessment

Pupils, parents / carers can contact teachers directly for help and support during school hours via the subject specific email accounts listed below:

Update 25.01.21

Please see the Parents/Carers and Pupils pages on our school website for additional support during this time; from there you can click on the drop down menu to find the latest update from the Wirral SEND Services as well as information about the warm home discount scheme.

Update 05.01.21

National Lockdown to come into force on Wednesday 6 January

The Prime Minister has announced that a new national lockdown will come into force at 000.01 on Wednesday 6th January.

During the period of national lockdown, schools, alternative provision, special schools and colleges will remain open to the most vulnerable children and young people and the children of critical workers only. Our covid risk assessment is updated regularly as a live working document to reflect any changes necessary to keep pupils and staff safe during this critical period.

All other pupils will be educated remotely via Seesaw, our online learning platform:  Seesaw Student Login.

Pupils have been given their log on details and have been taught how to navigate this resource prior to lockdown.  However, if you have difficulties in accessing your child’s Seesaw account then please contact the school office for log on details.  Teachers will set work each day for pupils to complete at home and submit for assessment.

Alternatively, if you would rather that school provides paper-based work for your child this can be provide for you via contact with the school office.

Teachers will remain in contact with you throughout the lockdown to offer any additional help and guidance that your child requires to learn whilst at home.

Update 02.09.20.

Our covid risk assessment has been revised to include guidance relating to isolation periods and the wearing of masks.

Update 02.06.20

Our covid risk assessment for the wider opening of school has now  been agreed following careful consideration

Update 25.05.20

You will have heard that primary and secondary mainstream schools are being asked to reopen after half-term for some year groups.  Government guidance recognises that special schools operate very differently to mainstream schools and that careful planning and preparation is required to allow pupils to return in a way that is safe for all members of the school community. Priority will be given to Year 10 pupils who are studying towards their GCSEs and a letter has been sent to all parents/carers to explain how we are planning carefully for welcoming back our pupils when it is safe to do so.

As ever, thank you for your support and patience during these uncertain times. We will continue to keep you informed of any changes as and when we receive further government guidance.

Work will continue to be set for all year groups for you to complete with your child at home.

Update 22.04.20 – Access the latest home school learning resources:

The Department for Education (DfE) has launched two new free home school learning resources. Both resources offer a series of daily interactive lessons that your child or ward can complete in addition to the paper resources that school has sent home. Both resources can be accessed through laptops, tablets and mobile phones.

The Oak National Academy Online Classroom and Resource Hub

The Oak National Academy has today launched its online classroom and resource hub. The Academy offers 180 video lessons each week for schools to use, across a broad range of subjects. The lessons cover children in Reception through to Year 10 and are free to use by both teachers and young people.

The Oak National Academy can be accessed here:

New BBC Bitesize

The BBC has today launched an education package across TV and online, featuring celebrities and teachers, helping to keep children learning at home and supporting parents.

BBC Bitesize can be accessed here:

Core Subject Paper Based Resources for Year 7 ,8, 9 &10 Pupils

School will deliver additional paper based resources over the next week to the home address of each pupil in Years 7, 8, 9 & 10. These will cover the core subjects of English, Mathematics and Science. Each pupil will receive a study guide and a work book. These will provide support for parents and carers to home school pupils and provide practice activities for pupils to complete. School will send out weekly emails to parents and carers to let you know what topics to study with your child or ward.

Foundation Subjects – If your child or ward has completed the work that was sent home before Easter then please contact the school office. Additional work packs can be sent out at parental request.

Help and support with home schooling

We realise that it is challenging to deliver education to your child in a home setting. Please remember that we are still here at the end of the phone or via email should you need advice and support during this challenging time.

Please don’t forget the vast range of additional learning resources that we have already signposted for parents and carers to use when home schooling. Please click the links below:

Distance Learning – additional recommended resources

Pupil wellbeing page

Support page for parents during Coronavirus

Update 07.04.20 – Accessing Free School Meals:

As a school we have been distributing free school meal vouchers through a company called Wonde. Eligible parents and carers will continue to receive vouchers in this way until the end of the Easter holiday. Any eligible parents who have not received communication from Wonde should contact the school office for assistance.

After Easter, all schools will transfer onto a new system co-ordinated by the Department for Education (DfE).  The new system, operated by Edenred, will issue free school meal vouchers via the email address that school holds on record. The value of the vouchers has increased to £15 per week to support you through these difficult times. The school office has endeavoured to check all parental email addresses by phone to ensure that you receive your vouchers in a timely manner. However, in the unlikely event that your voucher does not arrive by Wednesday 22nd April 2020, you should contact the school office for assistance.

We will also continue to work with the Neo Café who aim to deliver food hampers to the homes of all pupils who receive free school meals.

Other useful information that you may need: 

  • Social Care 9am to 5pm (Central Advice and Duty Team) – 0151 606 2008
  • Social Care Out of Hours (Emergency Duty Team) – 0151 677 6557
  • Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) – 0300 303 3157
  • Child and Adolescent Mental Health Advice Line 0151 488 8453
  • NHS for urgent advice – 111
  • Careers Connect 0151 600 7874/ 07792 737 527