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After hours of hard work, the year 9s were this morning ready to share their completed wooden masks in our Product Design lesson.  Ryan presented his fabulous giraffe mask, summarising to the class the various stages involved to reach the final product;  this included time spent planning his design on paper then creating the design template, before going on to cut out the wood using specialist saws.    Ryan chose to apply various decorative techniques, including the wooden mouldings to create the spots.  He also explained how he created the striped effect by using masking tape which he was able to peel off this morning to complete his finished design.

Although it demonstrates his creativity, Solomon agreed that his mask design was rather scary and he informed the class that he had been inspired by a black panther.  He explained how he had created the nostrils using using a countersink drill.  I can confirm that the ‘man behind the mask’ is not quite so scary!

Ms Sissons