Meetings Attendance Record 2015/2016

Attendance figures for governors at full board meetings and committee meetings are provided below with maximum possible attendance in brackets.

(A&W is Pupil Attendance and Wellbeing Committee)

Academic Year 2015/2016

Meetings held in the year6333322
Mrs Sandra Simmons MBE5(6)2(3)3(3)3(3)3(3)0(2)2(2)
Ms Sally-Anne Watkiss6(6)1(3)2(3)2(3)2(3)--
Mrs Ann Fowler6(6)3(3)3(3)3(3)3(3)2(2)2(2)
Mr Ian Jones5(6)-2(3)2(3)2(3)--
Ms Maxine Joynson3(6)----2(2)-
Reverend Carole Natton6(6)3(3)2(3)2(3)2(3)1(2)-
Mr Stefan Kallee0(6)0(3)0(3)0(3)0(3)--
Mr Mick Simpson5(6)1(2)2(3)2(2)2(2)1(2)2(2)
Mrs Cynthia Agnew5(6)2(3)---1(2)1(2)
Mrs Aline Macready0(6)0(3)---0(2)-
Mrs Bridget Price4(6)-3(3)3(3)3(3)--
Mr Robin Kirby3(6)3(3)2(3)2(3)2(3)--
Mr Steven Baker4(6)1(1)*3(3)3(3)3(3)1(2)2(2)
Mr Liam Chambers1(4)------
Ms Jennifer Sanderson3(3)------
Ms Jane Westlake2(2)1(1)*-----

Ms J Sanderson joined the Board of Governors in December 2015
Mr L Chambers resigned as a governor in December 2015 and was replaced by Ms J Westlake
*as staff representative standing in for Mrs K Brown due to staff restructure