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Art Trips

On 22nd January, Mr McConnachie accompanied some Year 9 pupils on a trip to the World Cultures Gallery at the Liverpool World Museum so that they could carry out further research on African masks and culture as part of the Art curriculum.  There was an added bonus of an interactive exhibition all about magic on the second floor and overall it was a superb day out in Liverpool. When the boys have completed making their masks, we hope to display them on the website or via twitter.



On 29th January, a trip was arranged for Year 7 pupils to experience the David Hockney exhibition in the Walker Art Gallery.  The boys enjoyed the artist’s paintings and screen prints.  On their walk back to the station, they passed one of Banksy’s street art works – one of the pupils particularly appreciated his sculpture on walls which were built hundreds of years ago.

hockney 3

A Bigger Splash by David Hockney.  Acrylic paint on canvas. 1967. Actual size 243cm x 244cm

During both trips, the boys’ behaviour was excellent and they thoroughly enjoyed the experience of all the different exhibits.