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After School Activities – Supper Club

Supper Club has been a very popular after-school event this half term with family guests enjoying a 3 course meal prepared and served to them by our aspiring chefs.  Mrs Pullin, who teaches Food Technology at Kilgarth, has a wonderful calm presence in the kitchen – very different (thankfully) to some of the celebrity chefs we see on TV – and she helps to host the Supper Club every Wednesday.

The boys design and issue their invitations the week before, then they plan and cost the menu, using the skills they have learnt in the Food Technology lessons. They also going shopping for the ingredients with Mrs Pullin, thereby developing some useful life skills.

The tables are laid beautifully in preparation for the meal and pupils eagerly greet their guests when they arrive.  They then transform into waiters and serve the food, giving parents and carers a well-earned break.

Mrs Pullin is very pleased with the success of Supper Club: ‘As well as being an enjoyable after-school club for the boys, it is also proving to be a delightful opportunity to engage with parents/carers and allow them to see their son’s progress.’

Thank you to parents/carers for your support.

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