The Kilgarth Team

Meet the Staff


Principal Mr S Baker
Head of School Mr M Simpson
Deputy Head Ms J Westlake
Assistant Head/Science Mr D Griffiths
English/Literacy Co-ordinator Mr J Ranson
Mathematics/Numeracy Mr I Keeling
Art/ICT Mr P McConnachie
Music Mr J Ranson
PE/PSHE/Citizenship Mr A Pritchard
Product Design Ms C Sissons
Humanities Mr J Allen
Food Technology Mrs H Pullin
Behaviour Support Leader Ms M Lee
Teaching Assistants Ms A Campbell
Ms E Hale
Ms E Macready
Mrs L Plant
Ms V Ferrie
Mr J Eyre
Support Services Manager Mrs A Fowler
Secretaries Mrs T Armstrong
Mrs J Gibson
Mrs T Gillespie
Flexible Programme Co-ordinator Mrs S Pelter
Flexible Programme Assistant Co-ordinator Mr L Chambers
Flexible Programme Ms L Moore
Mr S Davey
Ms J Reid
Mrs D Rimmer
Mr C Heggarty
Outreach Service Key Worker Ms D Blake
Caretaker Mr A Clayton
Cleaner Ms T Hutchinson
Cook Mrs L Mooney
School Nurse Ms T McDonough
Speech and Language Therapist Ms C Cavanagh