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Creativity and Innovation

Year 8 pupils recently enjoyed a colour therapy session with Ms Lee as part of the PSHE curriculum, looking at how colours can affect the way we feel and how … Read the rest

End of term reward activities


Following some careful planning due to the covid pandemic, end of term reward trips and activities were able to go ahead.  Pupils who met the set targets for effort … Read the rest

Ultimate Team Challenge

“Last Friday 4th December,  pupils took part in a whole school enrichment day.  This provided a much-needed boost to morale in what has been a very testing year for … Read the rest

A fond farewell to Mr Simpson

17th April 2020

Dear Parents and Carers,

Re: Changes to Senior Leadership at Kilgarth

I am writing to explain some changes to the leadership team at Kilgarth that will take … Read the rest

End of Term Reward Trips

We’re about to start a fresh new term (our pupils back tomorrow!) but would like to share some photos taken by Mr McConnachie, our Art/ICT teacher at the end of … Read the rest