Pupil Premium


Kilgarth School operates to these core values:

Relationships come first – We strive to build productive relationships with all stakeholders during every interaction.
Everybody matters, all the time – We are an inclusive community where the needs and well-being of all people are paramount.
We act with integrity – People and decisions are guided by the best interests of our learners, our community and our society.
We learn from each other – Everybody’s voice and contribution has value.
We work hard – Because the future lives of our learners depend upon what we achieve.



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Pupil Premium Spend 2015/16

PP Spend

Pupil Premium Projected Allocation 2016/17




  • 30 pupils attended vocational placements on a daily or weekly basis.  They were all transported to and from the providers, often picked up from home.
  • All of our leavers gained at least one qualification as a result of their vocational programme or input from our Flexible Learning Programme.
  • Exclusions reduced as a result of our newly developed system for behaviour modification and management – from 141 days in 2014/2015 to 108.5 days in 2015/2016.


  • 35 students benefitted from mentoring, counselling or both.
  • 18 students benefitted from assessment and planning from the Speech and Language service.
  • 7 students received one to one intervention to improve their basic skills.
  • A member of staff was allocated to support students in challenging circumstances get to school each morning; this resulted in an improvement in attendance for this group by 2%, and one pupil’s attendance increased by 28%.