Our Safeguarding Policy

Please follow the link below to view our Safeguarding policy and the COVID19 addendum 1:

Safeguarding policy 2020/2021

Safeguarding Policy Appendix-2020/2021

Covid-19 Addendum 4 to Safeguarding Policy

Covid-19 Addendum 3 to Safeguarding policy

Covid-19 Addendum 2 to Safeguarding Policy

COVID19 addendum 1 to Safeguarding Policy


We also follow procedures for the retention and destruction of records. We have adopted the document retention schedule suggested by the Information Records Management Society (IRMS) in their Toolkit for Schools.   The IRMS is regarded as the foremost professional association for those engaged in the management, governance or utilisation of information and records.

IRMS Retention of Records schedule adopted by The Aspire Schools 11.06.19