Design and Technology

Design and Technology at Kilgarth

Where do new ideas come from?  The answer is simple: Differences.

Nicholas Negroponte


Through the varied curriculum we deliver, opportunities are provided for all pupils to be successful in a variety of design-and-make activities.

At Key Stage 3, pupils are taught how to realise their ideas through a range of projects that build upon the skills they have learned.  They are taught how to learn in an organised and safe way and are encouraged to reflect on their progress and achievements.  Projects are designed to provide experience of creative problem solving, understanding of materials and skills development, and range from small scale electronics work to the designing an dmaking of free-standing sculptural structures.

At Key Stage 4, pupils are encouraged to extend their learning further through the development of more detailed design projects that improve their decision making and practical skills through independent work.  Pupils will be working towards and entered for a GCSE in 3D Design.

All assignments are completed in the classroom.  Pupils will have appropriate guidance and will have the opportunity to improve their work to gain a higher grade if they wish to do so.  The following grades are available:

Pass (P)                with equivalence to GCSE grade C
Merit (M)             with equivalence to GCSE grade B
Distinction (D)    with equivalence to GCSE grade A

Ethos and Teaching

The aims of the Design Technology Department are to support pupils to become effective problem solvers and to enable them to make high quality products.  We encourage pupils to work effectively, both independently and as part of a team and to think creatively about their ideas and designs.  It is important that pupils gain the knowledge and understanding to evaluate their work and progress and ot organise their time to complete set tasks.  We woul dlike each pupil to feel confident about their work and essentially, feel proud of their achievement.

Ofsted 2015
The school’s curriculum is varied and meets the needs of pupils with significant barriers to their learning