Physical Education at Kilgarth

DSC_6658Subject leader: Mr A Pritchard

The Physical Education Department at Kilgarth aims to instill in all pupils both the importance of exercise to their physical and emotional wellbeing and the opportunity to experience as wide a variety of sports and activities as possible.

We believe that all individuals can excel at sport, and that it is our role to help the individual find the particular sport or sports they can excel in, and then encourage and support their progression pathway.

We believe that through regular participation in sport and exercise an individual’s character is built, as it gives a person the opportunity to work individually, in small groups or as part of a team.  All pupils are encouraged to set and exceed individual sporting goals as well as recognise and demonstrate what constitutes a good team player.  Good sportsmanship and etiquette are expected by pupils at all times as is the importance of always giving your best.


Ethos and Teaching

Key Stage 3

Our primary aim at Kilgarth is to give each pupil an opportunity to experience a wide variety of sports and activities across all of the areas of the PE curriculum we offer support with pupils’ learning within the school environment and guidance towards forging links with sporting facilities and clubs for them to further their interests and abilities beyond school.  As such we do not limit ourselves to studying within the school grounds but make use of the many local sporting facilities on the Wirral during PE lessons.

Through both curriculum time and extra-curricular activities pupils will have access to taking part and learning the rules, regulations, tactics, techniques, strategies and fitness requirements of a whole host of sports.  Click on the buttons below to see which sports we offer under each of the Strands of the PE National Curriculum

Outwitting opponents- Football, Rugby, Basketball, Hockey, Badminton, Tennis, Table Tennis, Cricket, Baseball, Volleyball

Accurate replication of actions, phrases and sequences- Gymnastics, Trampolining, BMX

Performing at maximum levels in relation to speed, height, distance, strength or accuracy- Athletics, Golf, Boccia, Rowing, swimming

Exercising safely and effectively to improve health and wellbeing- Health and Fitness, Circuit Training, Fitness Testing

Exploring and communicating ideas concepts and emotions- Streetdance

Identifying and solving problems to overcome challenges of an adventurous nature- Orienteering, Campcraft, Hiking, Mountain Biking

Key Stage 4

All pupils are entered for the BTEC level 2 Certificate in Sport and as a requirement must complete coursework in the following areas-

Fitness Testing and Training

Take part in a variety of sport and health related fitness testing procedures.

Compare/contrast their results with national averages.

Research and take part in various forms of training methods.

Devise and implement a personal exercise programme.

Repeat the fitness testing procedures and analyse any improvements.


Practical Sport

Choose one individual sport and one team sport.

Take part in a programme of sessions for each chosen sport keeping a logbook of the session contents.

Research the roles and responsibilities of the officials of each chosen sport.

Research the rules and regulations of each chosen sport.

Observe and analyse the performance of an individual or team.

Observe and analyse own performance, identifying and discussing strengths and areas for improvement.


Nutrition For Sports Performance

Research the nutritional requirements of a selected sport.

Effectively record your own nutritional intake over two weeks.

Compare/contrast your own nutritional intake with that of an elite sportsperson.

Devise and implement a personal nutritional strategy designed to aid sports performance.


Anatomy and Physiology for Sport

Study the skeletal system and its importance to sports performance.

Study the muscular system and its importance to sports performance.

Study the cardiovascular system and its importance to sports performance.

Study the respiratory system and its importance to sports performance.


Assessment and Qualification

Key Stage 3

Pupils at KS3 follow the National Curriculum Programme of Study and their progress is assessed continually as they complete the sports and activities on offer.


Key Stage 4

At KS 4 we currently study the Edexcel BTEC Level 2 Extended Certificate in Sport which has equivalence to two GCSEs at grades A-C. Attainment is assessed in two ways:


Type of Assessment

How Attainment is Assessed

Percentage of Qualification

Teacher Assessment

Pupils complete a range of assignments which are assessed by the teacher


External Assessment

Pupils sit a formal examination



All assignments are completed in the classroom/sporting arena. Pupils will have appropriate guidance and will have the opportunity to improve their work to gain a higher grade if they wish to do so. The following grades are available:

Pass                 (P)                   with equivalence to GCSE grade C

Merit               (M)                  with equivalence to GCSE grade B

Distinction     (D)                   with equivalence to GCSE grade A


Extra- Curricular Activities

To extend the amount of sports and exercise activities available to our pupils we offer three nights a week of extra-curricular activities.

Tuesday- Pupils are transported to Rampworx Skatepark where they take part in a two hour BMX coaching session led by a qualified BMX instructor.  The pupils are then transported directly home.  This is proving to be a very popular and successful after school club.


Wednesday- Pupils are transported to Clare Mount school where they take part in a community sports night.  This involves the pupils having a choice of taking part in various sporting activities, all led by qualified teachers or coaches, for two hours.  The sporting activities on offer are changed each half term to heighten interest and enthusiasm. The pupils are then transported directly home.


Thursday-  Sports Fixtures and Training Night.  Thursdays are devoted to preparing for and taking part in competitive sport against other schools.  Kilgarth have proved that they can match any school in competitive small sided team games and are willing to take on anyone, anywhere!   Whilst training for competitions and tournaments elder pupils have the opportunity to coach and mentor younger pupils, which is proving beneficial for all.


Residential Activities- As a link with the SMSC curriculum pupils from across all year groups take part in camping trips as preparation for the Duke of Edinburghs Expedition.  Outdoor Pursuits residentials also take place for selected pupils both during term time and the summer holidays.