DSC_6725Subject leader: Mr F Blakemore

At Kilgarth we hope to develop pupils into confident readers, writers and speakers and listeners. We help them to make sense of the world around them and contribute their ideas in a variety of ways.

It aims to prepare pupils for life away from school in the real world. Pupils are given the opportunities to develop their skills in three key areas. Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening.  These are taught in an integrated fashion, any one area providing links to, and opportunities for, the development of competence and confidence in the other two.


A range of fiction and non-fiction texts, as well audio-visual and ICT resources is used to stimulate both interest and progress in understanding and using language.


Assessment and Qualification


English is taught in Years 7 – 9, following the programmes of study of English in the National Curriculum.  In year 9 pupils will begin preparing for the Functional skills qualification.

For Years 10 and 11 to it is our aim to enter all students for examinations in English. Pupils will be entered for Functional Skills English, Entry Level certificate, and GCSE English.

Key Stage 3


Pupils will study a range of authors including Roald Dahl, Charles Dickens, Nigel Hinton and Shakespeare, together with writers from other cultures and traditions, and a variety of poets and non-fiction and media texts.

 Key Stage 4,

Authors studied cover a wide range, but include Shakespeare and John Steinbeck, as well as writers from other cultures and traditions and a variety of poets including Simon Armitage and Carol Ann Duffy, and non-fiction and media texts.







English Department Ethos

The English Department at Kilgarth believe English is the key to success for young people to ensure they have the capacity to express themselves with confidence, to think logically, creatively and imaginatively and to developing a deep understanding of literature and the wider culture.