DSC_6728Subject leader: Mr McConnachie

Through a rich variety of termly project themes, students are given the opportunity to experience different approaches to art, craft and design.

There is a balance in the programme of study between investigating and making, which are the practical aspects of creating art and knowledge and understanding, in which students are introduced to and study the work of artists from our own culture, and other cultures both past and present.

Students have the opportunity to make both two-dimensional and three-dimensional work including Computer art.

Students are taught to use materials, tools
and techniques to develop their creative, imaginative and practical skills to enable them to express ideas and feelings, record observations and design and make images and artifacts. Through their own work and the study of other artists students will develop visual perception and literacy so enabling them to express ideas and opinions using an art, craft and design vocabulary.

Year 7

Sketch Book work        Pop Art   Lettering     Printing

3D design           Graphics        Computer Art


Year 8

Pattern design   Painting        Graffiti lettering     Graphic Design

Insects        Natural Form        Wire sculpture     Trainer Design


Year 9

Buildings in the locality   Perspective drawing     Graphic lettering

Photoshop skills   Frank Stella inspired sculptures  Photography

Sound Art         Video Art

The Years 7 to 9 are the building blocks for further study at GCSE, which students will go on to study.


KS4  Art

In Kilgarth School we follow the AQA exam board up to GCSE level. Boys submit two projects as well as the exam in their final year. Attainment is assessed in two ways:


Type of Assessment How attainment is Assessed Percentage of Qualification
Teacher assessment Portfolio of work assessed by teacher 60%
External assessment Pupils sit a formal examination 40%
External examiner finalises marks and is invited into school.



The Department views art as both an intellectual and creative subject; it is one of the means by which we interpret, express and understand our place in the world and as such is viewed as an important aspect of education.