In Conversation with the Education Committee

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Next Tuesday 24th October, our Principal, Mr Baker, will be representing the Aspire Schools Federation (Kilgarth and Gilbrook schools) at the House of Commons Education Committee.  The meeting will take place at the Palace of Westminster  and will give Mr Baker an opportunity to share his views and influence current education...

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NASEN Awards – Kilgarth Shortlisted for Effective Collaborative Working Award –

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The National Association of Special Educational Needs (NASEN) is the leading SEN membership organisation for education professionals.  NASEN is committed to  promoting the development of all individuals with SEN. We are therefore honoured to have been invited to their SEND awards ceremony as a shortlisted candidate for the Effective Collaborative Working Award .  The ceremony takes place on Thursday 19th October at the Museum of London and coincides with the anniversary of NASEN’s 25 years in operation as a charity organisation, which makes it even more special. Due to the creative leadership of Mr Baker, Principal of the Aspire Schools Federation and Mr Simpson, Head of Kilgarth, we have been shortlisted for our commitment to a culture of rehabilitation through the sharing of high-quality mental health training with staff from other schools and organisations, including HMP Berwyn. We have also been recognised for the development of an online non-confrontational behaviour modification course which has attracted international candidates.  Mr Baker and Mr Simpson have now been asked to work with prisons nationwide on rehabilitation, well-being and leadership for staff in challenging environments. HMP Berwyn have reciprocated by offering Kilgarth staff places on their accredited mental health first aid course in November and this will involve us becoming ‘linkage owners’ so that prison governors and members of the working parties for the Ministry of Justice will be able to draw on our support.    ...

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Constructing Connections: Four Schools

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Year 10 and 11 students (as well as staff)  have all been learning about The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists, the critically acclaimed book written by Robert Tressell, who died penniless in 1911, in the Royal Liverpool Infirmary Workhouse. The story follows the struggles of a group of decorators in the early 20th century, struggling to make ends meet in the fictional town of Mugsborough.  The central character Frank Owen tries, unsuccessfully, to get his fellow workers to stand up to a capitalist system and create a society in which work is performed to satisfy the needs of all rather than to generate profit for a few.  The book is considered by the politically minded to be as relevant today as it when it was written.   In response to Robert Tressell’s Book, Mr McConnachie and the students developed  an art project in collaboration with John Moores University and three other schools from Merseyside and Cheshire.  We were honoured to be part of this event, which  culminated in an exhibition Constructing Connections: Four Schools at the John Lennon Art and Design Building.     As part of the project, the boys visited Croxteth Hall and were particularly interested in the sharp contrast between the luxury of the family rooms and the starkness of the servant’s room. The students worked together to explore the concept of ‘trace’. Reflecting on the physical exertion of being a servant and on the long walks along corridors and up and down staircases, they drew their footprints on large piece of paper and then erased the footprints, leaving behind faint traces of where they had walked. This process echoed the actions of the servants as they cleaned up after a day’s hard work. On Monday 18th Sep, our students proudly presented video and audio work at the John Lennon Art and Design Building, alongside their documented traces. They were also given the opportunity to view the exhibits from the other three participating schools: St Margarets, Warrington UTC and Hawthornes School.      ...

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Following formal consultation with our stakeholders, including parents, staff and governors, we are delighted to inform you that Kilgarth School and Gilbrook School will now be working closely together as a Federation, under the name of The Aspire Schools Federation.  We will be sharing a joint Principal, Mr Steven Baker and one merged Governing Board. Both schools have a shared vision to achieve educational excellence through working more closely together although each school will retain its own name and identity. Our new website is currently under development.

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Funding for improvements to our outdoor space – vote for Kilgarth!

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Please vote for Kilgarth School when you shop at Tesco stores around the areas of Birkenhead, Wallasey, Bidston and Hoylake. Please ask your friends and family to vote for us too! Pupils and staff at Kilgarth School in Birkenhead are delighted that our application to the Tesco Bags of Help Grant Scheme has been successful and our project has been put forward to a customer vote in local Tesco stores during July and August 2017. Thousands of groups up and down the country applied for grants from the scheme and these are whittled down to three in each of Tesco’s regions. Your vote decides who should take away the top grant in our region! “The connection between positive outdoor experience & well-being is well documented . The aim of our project is to transform the outside of Kilgarth School so that our pupils, all of whom have special needs, experience both improved learning & positive experiences. We hope to have a sensory garden and vegetable planters as well as outdoor seating for social activities, learning and eating. We also plan to keep livestock such as chicken.” Mr Simpson, headteacher The funding initiative is supported by money from the five pence charge levied on single-use carrier bags. Please see below a list of stores taking part in the voting on our project: BIDSTON MOSSS    CH43 7AA CLAUGHTON EXP   CH41 0DE HOYLAKE RD MORETON EXP   CH46 6DG LISCARD EXP     CH45 4JG MORETON CROSS EXP       CH46 8TH ROCK FERRY METRO        CH42 4QF TRANMERE EXP    CH42 9JG WALLASEY EXP    CH44 4DF WALLASEY KING ST EXP    CH44 0BZ To vote, you will need to make a purchase within store of any value. You will receive one token per transaction and it’s not necessary to purchase a carrier bag in order to receive a token. Please vote for us and ask your friends and family to vote for us...

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Otis – My Story so Far

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This is me on my first day at school. I didn’t like the car journey to and from school but I liked it at Kilgarth from day one. Everyone said I was adorable! I got to meet lots of people but felt safe in my special office, which I still share with Mr Simpson and Ms Westlake.           I soon made friends at school and there were lots of boys to play with.    I’m told I’m popular with visitors to the school and that I’ve got quite a lot of admirers; this picture of me on twitter got 16 likes and 4 retweets despite me just having a lie down.     I had to have an operation when I was 12 months old and took it easy for a few days.  Everyone at school treated me gently and I am now fighting fit again!     Not long before I could play again!   I enjoy my time at school and have ambitions to develop as a therapy dog, with Mr Simpson as my mentor.        ...

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