About Us


“Pupils are exceptionally well cared for.” Ofsted 2015

Kilgarth School is a non-denominational secondary school for fifty boys aged 11-16 who are experiencing social, emotional and mental health difficulties.  All our pupils are taught in small groups.

The whole ethos of the school is based on care, responsibility and proactive behavioural management, where mutual respect is of prime importance.  Pupils are encouraged to be courteous and well mannered and are openly discouraged from abuse, either physical or verbal.

At Kilgarth we aim to:

  • create a caring environment where pupils are encouraged to learn and overcome their difficulties and where they feel safe, valued, supported and respected
  • provide a broad and balanced curriculum, which includes the National Curriculum and Religious Education, to offer our pupils an education that will prepare them for the future
  • promote the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of our pupils
  • encourage all our pupils to reach their full potential.

Citizenship is an important part of the curriculum, where pupils develop self-confidence and socially and morally responsible behaviour, which empowers them to take a responsible place in the adult world.  We ensure that pupils have the opportunity to:

  • develop the knowledge and skills required to play an effective role in societyDSC_6778
  • become aware of their duties and rights and develop into more informed, thoughtful and responsible citizens
  • learn about and appreciate differences in nationalities, religions and ethnic identities and adopt respectful and tolerant attitudes
  • take a helpful role in the life of their community
  • understand issues about the economy and democratic institutions and values.


In Key Stage 4, our Flexible Learning Programme offers a variety of academic and vocational courses and we work with pupils and families to:DSC_6712

  • provide a balanced, individually-tailored curriculum for pupils to ensure they make academic and social progress
  • engage pupils in academic study
  • promote a caring and supportive environment in which the individual can achieve his potential, through appropriate education and work-based programmes.



Vocational Providers offer a hands-on and practical experience. Programmes demand a high level of teamwork and develop a whole range of attributes associated with:DSC_6666

  • solving problems
  • co-operating with others
  • tolerating other people’s views
  • listening to others’ opinions
  • offering vocational qualifications.

KS4 Results

The School Key Stage 4 results can be viewed by visiting the Department of Education website